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Traffic volume recording

The development of the functionality and safety of a traffic environment is based on data without exception. We carry out thousands of traffic volume recordings nationwide every year. Our service provides the basis for traffic planning, where data is needed to build and maintain the road network and research and development related to traffic flows.

From planning to practice

Traffic volume recording implementation planning is based on the target systems and quality requirements of control point recording and travel time recording as well as a general plan on the location of control points.

In addition to the preliminary surveys, general plans, implementation planning and implementation, we take care of preparing the policies regarding traffic volume recording according to your needs.

Our duties in the deployment phase include development, construction supervision and the inspection and testing of devices. We provide high-quality, comprehensible tables and the required visual illustrations of all measurements.

Continuous recording service

Our continuous recording service is responsible for the continuous functionality of traffic recording devices, collection systems, data repositories and reporting systems 24/7/365 and providing the data needed for traffic volume recording in a reliable and cost-efficient manner. The service also involves the development of recording device technology.

Service offering

Our services include comprehensive traffic volume recording services:

  • control point-specific recording of traffic volumes
  • measurement of travel times and traffic flow
  • general traffic volume measurement
  • regional light traffic volume recording

Expert roles

We provide extensive, diverse traffic volume recording expert and consultant services with the content and extent determined according to your needs on a role- or project-specific basis. We provide support from preliminary surveys to the planning of the implementation phase.

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