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Fintraffic Air Navigation Services in brief

Fintraffic Air Navigation Services is responsible for managing the use of Finnish airspace as well as providing flight route and air navigation services at 22 airports in Finland.

Fintraffic Air Navigation’s mission is to provide safe services that match their users’ needs and deliver these services in Finland in a smooth and punctual manner. Our customers include airports, the commercial aviation industry, the Finnish state’s aviation operations and military aviation, general aviation and pilot training schools.

Area Traffic Control Centre Finland (ATCC Finland) coordinates overflights in Finnish airspace and air route traffic between different airports. ATCC Finland processes some 280,000 flights per year, of which approximately 53,000 are overflights.

The Helsinki air traffic control unit is responsible for aerodrome control and air traffic control services for approaches at Helsinki Airport (EFHK CTR and TMA).

There are ca 170,000 operations per year at Helsinki Airport. The number of operations is approximately 465 per day.

At network airports, Fintraffic Air Navigation provides air traffic services (air traffic control or flight information services) depending on the airport’s operating volume and/or the nature of its operations.

Fintraffic Air Navigation is also responsible for the production and distribution of aeronautical information in Finland, as well as briefing services. The technical air navigation services unit purchases and maintains all navigation, communication, surveillance and monitoring systems related to en-route services, such as the air traffic control and radar systems required for flight traffic mapping.

The provision of air navigation services is subject to certification. Fintraffic Air Navigation Services  holds a certificate to provide air navigation services in accordance with EU legislation.

Fintraffic Air Navigation employs approximately 420 people in 22 municipalities.

Fintraffic Air Navigation Services Ltd is part of the Traffic Management Company Fintraffic Ltd.

Executive Board and Board of Directors

Executive Board:

  • Raine Luojus, CEO
  • Matts-Anders Nyberg, Director
  • Karri Hannula, ATCC Director
  • Tapio Nurmela, Network Director
  • Jani Suomela, Technical Director
  • Pasi Nikama, CMO&CCO
  • Kari Kerke, Development and Quality Director

Board of Directors:

  • Chairman:  Pertti Korhonen
  • Members: Jarmo Lindberg, Kaisa Olkkonen and Ilkka Virtanen