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Efficiency lies at the heart of Fintraffic’s business, and the effects of our financial responsibility are reflected throughout society as a whole. As a special assignment company, our goal is to be moderately profitable and to maintain a stable balance sheet and use it wisely. We want to generate as much benefit as possible with the money at our disposal – for the transport system, people, companies and Finland as a whole.

An economically sustainable transport system

As a state-owned special assignment company, it is important for us to promote an economically sustainable transport system in Finland. The best economic value and impact will be generated by ecological and efficient traffic control that promotes safety and improves traffic flow at transport system level. In addition to its traffic management function, Fintraffic plays an important role in consolidating traffic data streams. In 2021, we took the first significant steps towards building a transport data ecosystem with our growing partner network.

Stakeholder cooperation

Our goal is for Finland to have the world’s safest, smoothest and most environmentally friendly transport system. This ambitious target cannot be achieved without close partnerships with our stakeholders. Continuous development of our stakeholder work is therefore necessary, so that we can work together to produce as much benefit as possible for the people who live in Finland, the companies who operate here and the country as a whole.

The financial added value that we generate can be seen both directly in our own operations and indirectly through effects on our stakeholders’ everyday lives: when traffic data is available in one place, it is easier to create added-value services and promote effective traffic solutions.

Stakeholder cooperation benefits both parties

The world's safest, smoothest and most environmentally friendly transport system cannot be realized without close partnerships with our stakeholders. The continuous development of stakeholder work is a prerequisite for us to be able to produce together with our partners as much benefit as possible for companies operating here, citizens and the whole of Finland.

The added economic value we produce can be seen both in our own operations and through indirect effects in the daily lives of our stakeholders: when information about traffic is located in one place, it is easier to refine services that generate added value and solutions that promote the functionality of traffic.

We secure our partners' future operating conditions and our partners benefit financially from our services.

The data compiled by Fintraffic is quite widely used by various actors in society, and with its help:

  • our partners' business models are developing
  • fuel costs are reduced through optimal routing and developing logistics
  • accidents might be prevented before they even occur

In the same context, we offer our partners tools and efficiency models in the work against climate change.

The goal is an open and transparent partnership

We are committed to promoting trust and transparency in our partnerships. We bring our know-how and expertise to cooperative relationships. In this way, the interaction with our stakeholders is as useful as possible for everyone involved in the cooperation.


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