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Fintraffic’s goals for different modes of transport

Air navigation services  

Air traffic ensures that both Finland as a whole and its various regions remain easily accessible. We are responsible for managing Finland’s airspace and providing air route services and air navigation services at 22 airports in Finland. Under normal circumstances, our area control centre provides services to about 270,000 flights. At Helsinki Airport, we provide services to 190,000 operations per year and an average of 500 operations per day. 

Safety is always our number-one priority. We provide the best air navigation service in Europe in a cost-effective, punctual and environmentally friendly manner. We also offer digital airspace services. In the future, we aim to administer a low flight network in Finland. 

Our joint project to create a common airspace with Estonia is just one example of the collaboration we engage in. Another project aimed at introducing remote air traffic control reflects our cost-effectiveness, while international demand for our consulting and training services demonstrates our reputation for excellence. 

Skilled staff are a vital resource. We therefore invest in personnel development, which is also a prerequisite for the introduction of new technologies. We are developing our operating models and organisational culture to ensure that they support the operation and renewal of the transport system. 

Vessel traffic services  

90 per cent of Finland’s exports and 80 per cent of its imports are transported by sea. Each year, almost 20 million passengers also travel between the ports of Finland and other countries. 

It is the task of Fintraffic’s vessel transport services to ensure that both foreign trade and domestic vessel traffic is safe and uninterrupted. Our vessel traffic centres monitor the safe passage of passenger ships, cargo vessels and tankers through Finland’s coastal waters 24/7, every day of the year. 

Amid the current digital revolution in maritime transport, we are working to develop not only vessel traffic services but also information exchange platforms, smart data services and an enhanced situational picture of maritime transport. We are aiming for efficient and real-time data transfer between vessels, Finnish ports and a variety of other port operators. This will enable safer, smoother and more efficient shipping, and the ability to link maritime transport to other modes of transport. 

The continued digitalisation and automation of our operating environment will also require us to make continual investments in our expertise. Professional skills and lifelong learning form the foundation of our development work. Our corporate culture is based on our values, and enables solution-oriented and innovative operations with an inbuilt capacity for renewal. 

Rail traffic management  

Every year at Fintraffic rail traffic control, we guide more than 500,000 trains, goods, and 82 million passengers safely and smoothly to their destinations 24/7/365. 

We operate at the heart of the rail transport system, as we provide not only rail traffic control but also services for traffic planning, capacity management, control centre operations and passenger information, as well as the services provided by the safety and traffic quality control rooms. 

Everything revolves around safety. We are continually developing our operations, practices and systems in order to further increase the safety level of Finnish railways. Our new modern system solution (Digirail), coupled with increasing automation and competence development, will raise our preparedness and safety levels to new heights. 

In our own operations, we also make innovative use of data and efficiently share it with other transport service developers. In the future, our stakeholders will have access to high-quality, real-time data for all aspects of a mode of transport. The traffic data we provide improves the usability and availability of services, thereby promoting seamless travel and delivery chains. With the aid of these and other digital services, we can better serve both our customers and stakeholders.  

The people who work for us are our most important and valuable resource. We are developing our competence and, in particular, our digital capabilities. We are investing in our corporate culture, which supports renewal, innovation, change management and the development of personal competence and career paths. 

Road traffic management  

Finland’s passenger and goods transport relies on smooth and efficient road traffic. Road transport accounts for about 63 per cent of goods traffic and 90 per cent of passenger traffic. 

In road traffic management, we ensure safe and smooth traffic flow on the roads 24/7/365. Our work encompasses everything from technical system design for roads, border crossing points and tunnels to continuous traffic monitoring and the provision of road weather data for the entire chain. 

Road weather stations, automated traffic measurement stations, road weather cameras and a total of about 20,000 traffic management and road weather devices generate a continuous real-time situational picture that we utilise in both traffic control and service development – with customers as our spearhead.  Our goal is to enable data to be exchanged even more comprehensively, so that motorists can get more extensive weather and traffic information and forecasts; road maintenance can be better predicted and targeted; logistics and transport operators will have access to more efficient routes; and emergency vehicles can be given priority at traffic lights. 

Alongside the development of our traffic management services, we are also continually improving our competence and capabilities in a fair, motivating and people-oriented corporate culture that supports the achievement of our targets in line with our values.