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Rautatiesilta pimeässä vauhtiviivat

The appeal of rail traffic at the core of Finrail’s strategy

Fintraffic Railway is investing in the development of the quality and reliability of rail traffic control.  Punctual and smooth traffic is critically important to companies and consumers alike and creates the conditions for strengthening the market share of this transport mode. Safety is the key area in our operations, and Fintraffic Railway also wants to participate strongly in the development of rail traffic safety in general.

Customer orientation plays an increasingly important role in Fintraffic Railway's strategy.  Good customer experience consists of safety, punctuality, up-to-date passenger information, as well as of other user-friendly services that meet the customers’ needs. Interactive service development with our customers is an increasingly important part of our operations.

Increased automation, the deployment of smart traffic control systems and the utilisation of data are the key tools in our work. In addition, we invest in the maintenance of high professional competence and in the deepening of our employees’ skills, which are required, for example, for the development of new systems and the utilisation of data.

Fintraffic Railway’s strategy guides towards the development of increasingly innovative services that will increase the appeal of rail traffic

The Digital railway project is an important example of how Fintraffic Railway can respond to the evolving needs of future traffic. The objective of the Digital railway project is the cost-effective renewal of rail traffic control and the rail safety system through the utilisation of digitalisation and the latest modern technologies.

With the Digital railway project, we aim for an extremely significant increase in the capacity of rail traffic, as larger trains could operate on the railway sections. The premise for the work also includes more reliable and punctual traffic and further safety improvements.  New technology should enable the optimisation of traffic control through artificial intelligence, efficient utilisation of real-time data concerning traffic timetables, capacity and services and possibly enable automatic operation of trains in a restricted area.

The objectives of the Digital railway project must be achieved in order to ensure the operational capability and competitiveness of the Finnish railways.

The Digital railway project has far-reaching effects, as it will improve the competitiveness of rail traffic. There may be international markets for the innovations that are made in connection with the development work related to the project.

Digital railway is currently in the analysis phase, with decisions concerning its implementation to be made later. The Ministry of Transport and Communications leads the steering group for the project. The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and Fintraffic Railway act as project management partners. Digital railway is implemented in cooperation with the industry operators and stakeholders.

Actions on behalf of the environment

Intelligent traffic control supports the growth of the market share of rail traffic, which will help Finland reduce CO2 emissions. Smooth and punctual rail traffic also decreases the emissions of rail traffic.

With Fintraffic Railway providing the world’s safest, most innovative rail traffic control, the well-being of Finland will increase as a whole.