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The well-being of personnel is the key to a company's overall responsibility regarding worklife. Equality at the workplace and actions which reflect our key values are of the utmost importance to us and we put in great effort towards these every day of the year.

We want to be innovative and solution-oriented, and continually improve our expertise and capacity for renewal. We strive for equality and justice and aim for our personnel to be as well-being and competent as possible.

To ensure this we:

  • have trained our supervisors and offered them new tools for daily work
  • have developed company-specific salary systems and defined the requirements of the tasks.
  • give our personnel the opportunity to participate in trainings and give feedback regularly.
  • invest in leisure time exercise.
  • treat everyone equally and fairly. We intervene in inappropriate behavior and activities that go against our values.

One of the most significant things in our personnel work has been defining Fintraffic's values ​​together with the personnel. They are: We ensure safety. We care. We point the way. Together.

Read more about our values in our annual report.

Personnel do meaningful work

The autumn 2021 personnel satisfaction survey gave Fintraffic good grades as a workplace. The response rate also attested to this: 77 per cent of employees responded to the survey (66% in 2020). According to the results, 80 per cent of our employees feel they are doing meaningful work. In the survey, the actions of colleagues, the work atmosphere and front-line work also received good marks.

Read more about the successes of our personnel work in our annual report.


Did you know?

We actively participate in public debate on themes that affect our operating environment.

As a responsible state-owned company, we promote good dialogue not only with the aforementioned partners but also with the research community and educational establishments, interest organisations, municipalities, politicians and the media.We are also actively involved in many of the international organisations associated with our sector, which have an impact on transport operating environments both at EU level and globally. We think it is important for decision-making to consider perspectives relating to traffic management and raising the level of digitalisation in transport, so as to ensure the best possible implementation of a safe, smooth and low-emission transport system in Finland.


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