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We control traffic on land, at sea and in the air. We help people and goods arrive safely and smoothly, while also taking account of the environment. Intelligent traffic control services, digital services for companies and consumers and up-to-date traffic information are at the core of our work.
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Travelling by car?

Check out road conditions, traffic jams and disruptions, road cameras and many other types of real-time traffic information. link, opens in new window)

Flying a drone?

Register as a drone operator and sign up for an online test. link, opens in new window)

Submit a notification or give feedback

Give feedback on roads, rail network and waterways. You can also track notifications in your area. link, opens in new window)

Explore services for everyone

Take a closer look at different browser and mobile traffic solutions. link, opens in new window)

Check services for professionals

Master’s Guide,, and many others. link, opens in new window)

Help us develop our services!

Utilise open traffic information on Finnish road, rail and sea traffic as an application developer. link, opens in new window)

We are building a traffic data ecosystem together with 200 actors

Building the traffic system of the future requires cooperation from the entire sector. The traffic data ecosystem’s working groups were launched at the beginning of 2021, and new members are welcome at any time. More than 200 organisations are already working to build the system.
Traffic data ecosystem(external link, opens in new window)

Did you know that for us, safety comes first? Our road traffic management prevents approximately 200 accidents that would result in personal injury every year.

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Did you know that we make travel and transport chains more efficient? The punctuality of Finnish rail traffic is as high as 89.0%.

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Did you know that we are working to reduce the carbon footprint of traffic? We reduce emissions from road and air traffic by 78,100,000 CO2e annually, which equals the annual emissions of 50,000 passenger cars.

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Did you know that we share data? More than 4.25 billion interface calls are made annually to our Digitraffic service!

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Did you know that Fintraffic Road Traffic Management is a nerve centre for traffic information? Every year, our road traffic centre makes nearly 14,000 traffic announcements.

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Did you know that Vessel Traffic Services prevented 21 possible groundings in 2022?

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Did you know that Fintraffic Railway moves about half a million trains each year?

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Did you know that Air Navigation Services secure an average of 400 take-offs and landings at Helsinki Airport every day?

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Responsibility is at the core of our work

Through the services and collaboration with its partners Fintraffic is able to influence the most important themes of responsibility.
Alusliikenneohjaajia meriliikennekeskuksessa

Our goal is the safest transport in the world

Our goal is to create a favourable operating environment, platforms, and operating models for the transport and logistics system of the future.