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Traffic vision 2030

The world’s safest, smoothest and most environmentally friendly traffic through intelligent services

The new vision and strategy direct Fintraffic towards open cooperation and partnerships with different operators. The aim is to help traffic sector operators create novel services by utilising traffic data. Intelligent solutions improve safety and fluency as well as protect the environment in both passenger and goods transport.

Fintraffic's view about future traffic is seen in our traffic vision, in our goal to create the world’s safest and smoothest and lowest emissions traffic in Finland together with our partners.

The goal is ambitious but necessary. Traffic in Finland is efficient and high quality by international standards. However, we have not been able to reduce traffic deaths and road traffic emissions as much as Sweden. This means that there is still a lot to do.

Work to reduce emissions

Global megatrends force operators to improve development. Traffic emissions must be reduced so that we can reach the ambitious goal set out in the Finnish Government’s programme to cut down traffic emissions to a half by the year 2030. Urbanisation and the ageing of the population also call for new traffic solutions.

Our new strategic viewpoint is to act as the enabler of new solutions. In addition, we take care of our basic tasks by producing safe, fluent traffic control and management services.

New opportunities through real-time traffic data

Some megatrends open up opportunities. Digitalisation makes it possible to use intelligent traffic services that we cannot yet even imagine. At the same time, the way in which people move is changing: instead of owning means of transport, people are now more willing to buy mobility services. The sharing economy is empowered also from this change.

Intelligent traffic control is largely based on having a real-time overview of traffic. Data-based services offer the opportunity to combine different modes of transport into travel chains. They also allow for autonomous vehicles and novel modes of transport. We believe that we are only at the beginning of this development.

Investments in fluent traffic promote sustainable development

By promoting the development of the traffic ecosystem and the introduction of intelligent traffic services, Fintraffic produces major benefits for the whole of society.

  1. Improved traffic safety. Intelligent traffic solutions improve traffic safety by increasing automation and reducing the role of human involvement as well as enabling traffic control to focus on tasks that call for special attention. Intelligent traffic control helps emergency vehicles, for example, reach their destination more fluently.
  2. Reduced traffic emissions Smooth travel chains increase the share of public transport by reducing travel times and helping with the planning of journeys.
  3. Improved company logistics. Efficient logistics chains are an important element of competitiveness as global competition is becoming keener.
  4. Cost-efficient mobility. Intelligent traffic services increase competition, introduce new modes of transport on the markets and allow the choice of more affordable modes of transportation.
  5. Introduction of exportable traffic services is boosted. There is a growing global demand for intelligent traffic services, as the same megatrends influence development all over the world.