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Fintraffic in brief

We provide and develop traffic control and management services in all traffic forms as well as ensure safe and smooth traffic in a responsible manner. 

Our services support the mobility of citizens, the needs and transports of commerce, the operations of safety authorities as well as Finland’s competitiveness and well-being.  

We operate efficiently and responsibly and consider environmental aspects. We want to be an excellent and attractive workplace for top experts. 

We collect, administer and open data and create opportunities for the new business that is created in the market. Our company provides and develops advanced new services and contributes to the growth of traffic ecosystems.

Our special assignment safeguards society’s key functions

We are a special assignment group operating under the ownership steering of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The special assignment set for us safeguards the essential traffic control services required by society, the authorities and commerce. The special assignment also ensures reliability of operations in case of disturbances under normal conditions and in exceptional circumstances.