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Safety and security

Guaranteeing safety is critical for Fintraffic because, at worst, any potential accidents can cause harm to people, the environment and the economy. In addition to raising the overall safety level of the transport system, information and cybersecurity is emerging as a key safety theme in which we are making increased investments.

The safety of transportsystem

Traffic management services plays a significant role for traffic safety. Traffic management services and real-time traffic data help to prevent accidents and facilitate smooth transport and travel chains. The goal is to reduce the number of traffic accidents through our own activities. We measure safety using both common indicators and indicators for specific modes of transport. Common indicators include the number of accidents, serious accident precursors and significant deviations in safety, and the success of safety control functions.


Benefits created together with our partners in 2021:

  • By estimate, there are more than 200 fewer casualties in road traffic due to Fintraffic services and our partners
  • 9 running agrounds inhibited 
  • 0 incidents caused by traffic control in air and rail traffic  


Information and cybersecurity

Information and cybersecurity are of increasing importance in our digitalising world, and we have been making considerable investments in this area. In addition to defining a new information and cybersecurity strategy, we updated the information and cybersecurity policy that guides our everyday work.

Our biggest challenges in information and cybersecurity are change management and the fast pace of change. We have strengthened our expertise through internal training and by hiring more cybersecurity experts. As only a few have access to cutting-edge technology, we must continually develop and share our competence. In the field of information and cybersecurity, we have started to create an ISO27001-compliant information security management system, and will continue to manage and conduct risk assessments for all existing systems regardless of their age.


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