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Fintraffic’s approach

We want to be an influential factor in creating the world’s safest, smoothest and most environmentally friendly traffic. In order to achieve this goal, we have chosen to focus on the following: 

Building a transport ecosystem that creates value 

We promote the fact that Finland is a pioneer in transport market practices. This lays a foundation for the success of transport-sector companies, and enables them to make the best possible use of data. We strive to ensure that companies operating in Finland remain successful in the face of increasing competition, which is being driven by the ongoing transformation of the data and platform economy.  

We are working with our partners to build a network that utilises data and a transport system that helps operators to optimise their own business, enhance interoperability between the various actors, and create new business opportunities in accordance with the rules of a fair data economy. This work is being carried out under Fintraffic’s leadership in a transport data ecosystem that will enable us to create new business on top of service platforms – business in which the cross-utilisation of data will generate a network effect, a growing transport market and a successful export business in Finland. This is vital for the success of the Finnish transport sector over the coming years.  

The platform, situational picture and other services provided by Fintraffic will help other transport operators in the data ecosystem to develop their services and create a good end-user experience. 

Productised digital ecosystem services  

Fintraffic provides digital services for application developers, to boost service development in the transport sector; for transport operators, to improve the service level and grow the market; and for end users, to increase the efficiency of travel and delivery chains. Our services can be easily integrated into solutions developed by other transport operators.  

In addition to attractive digital services, we want to create the most comprehensive situational picture of traffic possible in Finland. Our goal is to get more and more operators onboard, so we can enrich and utilise this situational picture together. We provide the most attractive data and service platform for sharing information throughout the entire sector.  

In order to develop our services in line with customer needs, we are developing our service package efficiently, agilely and in close cooperation with our partners. We are aiming for a top-quality, standardised customer experience in all of our digital channels. 

Traffic control development  

We offer the safest, most reliable and most efficient traffic management services in the world – for all modes of transport. World-class traffic management also paves the way for Finnish transport operators to succeed, promotes networking within the sector, and enriches data.  

However, this will require us to renew our traffic management operating model and control centre structure. It also means developing processes, working methods and operating models. We are investing in operative traffic control systems and their automation, so that we can provide consistent and reliable service under all circumstances. For our personnel, this means developing their job descriptions and providing them with opportunities to further improve their competence.  

Capable ICT architecture  

In order to fully support the success of both the Finnish transport industry and society as a whole, we must ensure that we have high-quality and reliable information systems. With the aid of smart technologies, we can improve Fintraffic’s productivity, agility, employee experience, customer service and data security level. Capable ICT architecture provides a firm foundation for effective operations in a strongly data-based transport sector/ecosystem.  

We leverage common platforms in administrative, operative and data ecosystem architecture. We prefer cloud- and service-based solutions unless there are strongly justified reasons to choose something else. We adhere to high standards of both quality and data security in everything we do.  

Efficient and reliable processes  

Operating in a smart and consistent manner forms part of our corporate social responsibility. Our Group aims to ensure a high standard of quality for customers, a high level of safety and security, and efficient operations.  

We will achieve this through strong leadership, the standardisation and streamlining of common work chains,​, process digitisation​,and competence development. 

Competence, management and corporate culture 

Fintraffic wants to be a great place to work.  

Our corporate culture is based on our values of respectful interaction, openness, and ​working together. It is also solution-oriented, ​so as to support innovation,​continuous improvement and renewal.​ Our corporate culture has a direct impact on the functionality of our workplace community, and also steers our interactions with our partners. We are continually developing our corporate culture in a responsible manner, with our values and code of conduct forming the basis of our operations. 

Our goal is to have  world-class expertise in traffic management and transport ecosystems. We are continually developing our supervisory work to ensure professional, fair and people-oriented leadership. 

We are focusing on our ability to attract, retain and develop skilled personnel. We are developing Fintraffic’s employer image, personnel competence, and leadership – and supporting each other along the way. We are also ensuring that compensation is fair and equal .