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Fintraffic’s values: the way we work

We secure, care and lead the way. Together.

We secure

We provide safety for people and the environment all hours of the day. We are constantly developing our ability to improve traffic safety. We are building a fair and transparent safety culture, where problems can also be reported openly. For us, safety always comes first.

We care

We are a promoter of sustainable development. We want the everyday life of Finns to run smoothly, the environment to be in good shape, companies to be successful and the euros invested in transport to achieve as much good as possible. We value each other and we let it show. We want everyone to be met as just the person they are. With a big heart. 

We lead the way

We are dreaming of having the best transport system in the world. That is why we want to be a pioneer in the transport sector. This requires excellence and constant learning on our part. In our own role, each of us will be bold in building an even better future.


Every skilled employee is an asset. A team playing together is even more valuable. We operate in such a complex world that the development of the transport system can only be successful when we work on it together and with our partners. This is the only way for us to achieve our goals, and to make Finland a slightly better place to live and, at the same time, Fintraffic a great workplace. Together we are more.