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Traffic Data Ecosystem

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When you make a mobile phone call from one country to another, the connection works seamlessly. It’s also easy to transfer money from an account in one bank to an account in another bank.

These are just some examples of how digitalisation has made our everyday lives easier. Years ago, the telecommunications and banking sectors agreed on how to transfer information between different operators, and how to harness different operators’ production factors (such as mobile networks) to provide high-quality services for both consumers and businesses.

In the traffic world, we are only just taking our first steps into the widespread utilisation of data. We have just agreed on rules and routines for effectively sharing data between operators, coordinating different services, or seamlessly connecting the devices used by vehicles, infrastructure, service providers and customers.

This is the enormous challenge that we at Fintraffic have decided to tackle with open minds. Around 140 organisations have already joined us in this mission, as they also think it’s important to create rules for a fair data economy in the traffic market. We believe that these rules will enable the traffic players to provide the best traffic and logistics services, and create new business opportunities for companies.

For further information, contact Chief Ecosystem and Technology Officer Janne Lautanala: janne.lautanala(at)

Builders of the Traffic Ecosystem