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Henkilö tietokoneella, lähikuva tietokoneen näppäimistöstä, hiirestä ja käsistä.

Contact Information and invoicing instructions

Contact Information and feedback


Our Headquarter is located in Länsi-Pasila, Helsinki
Street address is Palkkatilanportti 1, 00240 Helsinki. 


Switchboard +358 29 450 7000 (opening hours 8‐16:15)


personal email addresses:
viestinta(at) - communications 
info(at) - official enquiries


You can send general feedback, ask questions and make proposals/suggestions about traffic services.  

Feedback channel: You can give feedback, ask questions, give suggestions for improvement and report conditions on roads, railways and waterways. 

Traffic Customer Service - Feedback channel

General feedback: info(at)

Invoicing instructions

Invoice reference information: You will receive the required invoice reference information from our contact person. Our general term of payment is 21 days net. You can send us your invoices in three different ways:

Electronic invoice

Contact information for the payment:
Traffic Management Company Fintraffic Ltd
Palkkatilanportti 1, 00240 Helsinki,
Finland Business ID: 2942108-7, VAT number: FI29421087

We prefer to receive invoices as electronic invoices. Our electronic invoice address, meaning our EDI code, is 003729421087. Our operator is Basware Oyj, whose intermediator code is BAWCFI22.

For more information about sending an electronic invoice, please contact

Email invoice

If you would like to send your invoices via email, you should send the invoices to the following email address: The invoices should be sent as an attachment to the email, containing one invoice per attached file. PDF invoices must also include a serial number.

Please note that the email address given above can only be used for invoices. Other documents should not be sent to that address. Other documents should still be sent to our postal address.

Paper invoice

If it is not possible for your company to send us electronic invoices, paper invoices should be sent to the following address:

Traffic Management Company Fintraffic Ltd
PO Box 8
80020 Kollektor Scan, Finland

Please note! The entire address, including the serial number (Business ID), must be on the invoice. Having it on the envelope is not enough. If the address field of the invoice does not contain the serial number stated above, the invoice will not be processed and will instead be returned to the sender by post.