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Intelligent traffic control is the basis for safe maritime traffic

Shipping is Finland’s lifeline. At the annual level, this means sea transports of more than 100 million tonnes. Approximately 90% of our exports and 80% of imports travel by sea. In addition, almost 20 million passengers travel between the ports of Finland and foreign ports each year. Fintraffic´s Vessel Traffic Services is tasked with 24/7/365 monitoring at its VTS centres to ensure that vessel traffic is safe, smooth and without incidents—now and in the future. 

The core of Fintraffic´s Vessel Traffic Services’ strategy includes the provision of control and navigation services for marine traffic so that foreign trade and domestic water transport operations can take place undisturbed on our fairways. 

Fintraffic´s Vessel Traffic Services is constantly developing its operations in accordance with its ISO 9001-certified quality management system. Development activities are carried out especially in traffic control and management, which are the key services. In addition, the company develops entirely new service models, for example, for the remote control of vessels and for remote pilotage support, and it contributes to the development of the various traffic ecosystems.

Strong competence concerning the Baltic Sea supports the protection of our fragile marine environment

The Baltic Sea is one of the busiest sea areas in the world, while also being one of the world’s most sensitive and polluted seas. 

The daily operations of Fintraffic´s Vessel Traffic Services are based on a certified quality management system, which guarantees reliable vessel traffic services with uniform quality. The main objective of the company is to improve the safety of maritime traffic. The key tasks include the prevention of accidents and any related environmental hazards. Due to its strong competence concerning the Baltic Sea, Fintraffic´s Vessel Traffic Services facilitates navigation in shallow and rocky seas so that it is as smooth as possible, and it also ensures safety during the extremely demanding winter period.

Technology and continuous competence development promote safe maritime traffic

The premise for the strategic development work of Fintraffic´s Vessel Traffic Services is the promotion of the safety and smoothness of maritime traffic. Therefore, the development of the basic service, the creation of new services and service models and the continuous development of own competence form the core of Fintraffic´s Vessel Traffic Services’ development work in the upcoming years.

Efficient utilisation of automation, digitalisation and data are seamlessly linked with Fintraffic´s Vessel Traffic Services’ development work. The company will enhance its operations through technology, which ensures, for its part, that our competence is as innovative as possible and at the forefront of development. 

The competence of employees plays a key role when developing the company’s operations. Skill development and continuous lifelong training ensure that the company’s competence meets the requirements of future challenges. 

Cooperation between marine operators benefits the Baltic Sea

The strategic objectives of the Finnish maritime traffic and the constantly growing ecosystems of maritime traffic require close cooperation between the marine operators. Fintraffic´s Vessel Traffic Services’ strategic objective is to establish itself as a key player in maritime traffic through high-quality services, competence and efficiency.

The company’s objectives include supporting international development work, close cooperation with authorities and influencing the development of national and international regulation. 

Together with other marine operators, Fintraffic´s Vessel Traffic Services is actively participating in, for example, development and cooperation projects related to the monitoring of the sea area, the use of maritime data and competence development in the marine cluster. We will work in order to ensure, for our part, that the Baltic Sea can maintain its status as one of the world’s most competitive areas, where traffic is smooth and safe, while taking into account the fragile marine environment.