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Transport emissions are one of the most concrete topics in our environmental action, as transport causes one fifth of Finland’s climate emissions. We shoulder responsibility for the environment by improving the sustainability of the transport system, for example, through traffic management services and by providing traffic data and digital services to end users. We have divided our environmental action into two parts: managing the environmental impact of our own business and value chain and influencing emissions throughout the entire transport system.

Fintraffic - an enabler for an environmentally efficient transport system

Our operations can significantly influence traffic flow and service level in the transport system – and thereby impact emissions from various modes of transport.

  • Optimised, environmentally efficient traffic management reduces emissions from transport
  • By providing data and traffic solutions we can streamline travel and logistics chains and prevent environmental accidents and damage.
  • New solutions also helps us to tackle incidents and congestion.


Towards carbon neutrality by 2023


We are ambitiously aiming to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations to zero by 2023.We will make concrete progress in achieving our carbon neutrality objective by:

  • increasing the use of renewable electricity and heating energy
  • boosting energy efficiency and space usage
  • favouring hybrid work models and remote meetings
  • further electrifying work-related mobility
  • taking environmental perspectives into greater consideration in our procurement process
  • increasing the effectiveness of waste sorting at our own and rented properties.


Our extensive carbon handprint is the sum of many factors, and we have significant opportunities to mitigate climate change and protect the environment by working with other operators in the transport ecosystem.

We are committed:

  • We are committed to the Finnish State’s carbon neutrality objective, and are ambitiously aiming to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations to zero by 2023.
  • Our new environmental strategy extends to 2024 and states that: we are an environmentally oriented group; we are an enabler for a smooth and environmentally efficient transport system; we are an influencer for environmentally driven travel; and we prevent accidents and environmental damage.
  • We will be further developing our carbon handprint and footprint calculations, our environmental and impact reporting, and our own environmental capabilities at every level.


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