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Fintraffic is with you on land, at sea and in the air

Are you going by car, train, boat, plane, tram, metro or bus? On this page, we have put together a list of links to the Fintraffic traffic browser and mobile solutions to make your journey easier in the future.

Passengers can easily find real-time public transport timetables and routes all over Finland. Motorists can find, for example, information on road traffic disruptions, other driving conditions and charging stations for electric cars. The site also includes an extensive information package on our services for amateur pilots and drone operators.

Safety and smoothness in traffic is ensured together. Fintraffic wishes you a nice journey!

Up-to-date traffic information

Fintraffic's Traffic Situation app helps you when you need real-time traffic information from the road. The mobile app provides information about traffic jams, disruptions and even charging points for electric cars along your route. Download the free Traffic Situation app or learn more about the content of the service.

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Plan your car journey at home

Fintraffic's Traffic Situation service provides plenty of useful information when planning your upcoming car journey and route. The service offers real-time views of road conditions, congestion, roadworks and weather, which make it easier to plan your route. Go to the Traffic Situation service or learn more about how the service works and what you can find there.

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Use a combination of different modes of public transport

The national journey planner provides the timetables and routes of all modes of public transport. Just enter the place of your departure and destination and the service will provide you the timetables and services you need in order to get there. The service includes the schedules and services of both commuter and long-distance traffic. Buses, trams, metro, trains, ferry and flight connections can be found in the service.

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Take the schedules of trains with you

The Fintraffic Train Departures timetable service provides information on the departure and arrival times of trains at all passenger transport stations in Finland. The information is based on real-time train traffic information and the timetables are constantly updated. You can search for train traffic information by either station/city or train name.

Lapsi katsoo ulos junan ovesta

Are you about to pilot an aircraft or operate a drone? Or do you want to file a flight obstacle notice?

Learn more about our services for amateur pilots and drone operators. On this page, you can register as a drone operator and create your own flight plan. In addition, you can retrieve a flight obstacle statement or submit a notice on the website.

Drone ja dronelennättäjä

Give feedback, report an issue or make suggestions

Did you notice anything that could be improved during your journey? In the Feedback Channel, you can provide feedback or make suggestions concerning roads, the rail network and waterways. You can also track feedback from others with a map.

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