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Mies katsoo tabletilta sohvalla Liikennetilanne-palvelua

Plan your journey at home

It is a good idea to take plan your journey in advance. Public holidays, in particular, attract many other travellers. Fintraffic's Traffic Situation service allows you to plan your journey well in advance from your sofa. In the online service, you can conveniently view the information from a map or lists where you can select the topics that interest you – from road conditions to traffic disruptions and road maintenance.

Fintraffic's Traffic Situation service makes it easy to check what traffic looks like before your journey. Traffic pulse tells you about the road conditions and traffic flow information of the selected location. You can also view your route in a map view, where you can choose from dozens of options, from road condition information to traffic volumes and road maintenance. In addition to road traffic information, the service includes information on the operation of trains, arrivals and departures of airports and water traffic disruptions.

Check the road conditions and plan your route

Real-time views of road conditions, congestion, roadworks and weather make it easier to plan your route.

Check out the latest traffic information here.

Check the cameras to see the road conditions

What are the road conditions like? Check the road-specific road condition cameras to find out.

You can find all road condition cameras in Finland listed by region here.

Check the charging stations for electric cars and filling stations for gas-powered cars

Plan your stops in advance by checking the locations of electric car charging stations or filling stations for gas-powered cars along your route.

Go click here to go to the Traffic Situation service!