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Fintraffic professional services on land, at sea and in the air

Professional air traffic services

Are you about to pilot an aircraft or operate a drone? Or do you want to file a flight obstacle notice? Learn more about our services for amateur pilots and drone operators. We have assembled all the AIS services for amateur pilots on this page, where you can also make your flight plan. You can also find instructions for drone operators and register as a drone operator on the site. In addition, you can retrieve a flight obstacle statement or submit a notice on the website.

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Professional road traffic services

Traffic planners and professional drivers: You can find the data we produce online, such as traffic reports, to support your planning processes. The Traffic Situation service also includes useful information for professional drivers, for example, about weight restrictions, roadworks and disruptions caused by roadworks.

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Professional rail traffic services

Train and locomotive drivers, railway contractors and other railway traffic operators: Here you can find a summary of the information from the locomotive drivers' KUPLA application, the railway contractors' RUMA application or the railway traffic operators' LIIKE system.

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Professional maritime traffic services

Maritime traffic and seafarers, port operators and logistics professionals: Here you can find forecasts and information on the arrival and departure times of commercial shipping vessels. Register to use the Port Activity application as an industry operator or use the Port Call Time Stamp and Estimation Service in your operational activities. On this website, you can also find vessel traffic Master's Guides and, as a new addition, the announcement service for sailing events and water competitions.

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Other professional traffic services

Producers and developers of transportation services: Register now to the NAP transportation service catalogue to access machine-readable data from Finnish transportation service providers. You can also access public transport route and timetable editors here.

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