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Ilmakuva maantieliikenteestä

Professional road traffic services

We have developed a number of useful services for road traffic professionals to help them plan smooth journeys on the road. Take a look now at the traffic planners’ material bank, where you can find automatic traffic management control point books and reports on, for example, traffic volumes, vehicle speeds, traffic development and quality. For professional drivers, the website also offers useful highlights from the Traffic Situation service, which you can also use as a free mobile app!

Power BI reports for professionals – order here

Power BI reports for professionals include, for example, reports on traffic volumes, vehicle speeds, traffic development and quality in illustrated format. Access to these reports is restricted by licence. The user base consists of, for example, users from Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, contractors, design consultants and authorities who need traffic information in their work.

If you need traffic reports in your work on a regular basis, please contact

Professional drivers: check weight limits and road traffic incidents 

Below, we have compiled useful excerpts from our services for professional drivers in particular to make it easier to use the roads. By checking the weight limits, disruptions and roadworks along the route before your departure, you can use your working time as efficiently as possible.