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Professional maritime traffic services

Port Activity application

Exchange of real-time time stamp information enhances the efficiency of the entire logistics chain. The basic idea of the Port Activity application is to improve the flow of information between all stakeholders operating in a port while providing a common snapshot that enables the most efficient and economical port calls possible.

The Port Activity application displays a real-time summary of the timetable information of the various stakeholders active in the port retrieved from multiple systems in one place and informs its users of possible scheduling changes. This allows everyone to know the exact situation and to plan their own timetables accordingly.

Port Activity is built as an open source application, which allows ports to tailor it to their needs with a development partner of their choice.

Register as a user of the Port Activity application here.

Port Call Time Stamp and Estimation Service

Well-functioning port logistics is based on various factors. One of the most important factors is as accurate timetable information of commercial vessels as possible, which allows for marine and land freight to be combined into efficient transport chains in the port. Fintraffic's new Port Call Time Stamp and Estimation Service provides different port operators, authorities and research and educational institutions with more accurate vessel arrival and departure times at Finnish ports.

Everyone involved in the port ecosystem can use the newly deployed Port Call Time Stamp and Estimation Service through the Port Activity application or by importing the data via the Fintraffic API into their own system.

More information and registration can be found here.

Seafarers’ Master's Guide

All vessels of a minimum length of 24 metres are required to use the vessel traffic services of Fintraffic’s maritime traffic management. When navigating in a vessel traffic service (VTS) area, vessels are required to maintain a continuous listening watch on the working channel used in the area and follow the traffic regulations of the VTS area.

Start using the Master’s Guides here.

Announcement service for sailing events and water competitions

Fintraffic's maritime traffic management has a notification policy in place for arranging sailing competitions and other events in sea and lake areas located near commercial shipping or shallow waterways.

File a sailing competition notification here.