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Digitalisation and various degrees of automation are strongly making their way into maritime transport. With the increased degree of automation in vessels comes the need for a real-time situational picture for enhancing the ability to observe the environment more comprehensively. The digital situational picture and the related tools will be made available through the information and situational awareness services developed in the eVäylä project.

Digitalisation of maritime transport calls for better information exchange and real-time situational picture

Implemented in 2020–2025, eVäylä is Fintraffic´s Vessel Traffic Services’ project for developing the exchange of information between Fintraffic´s Vessel Traffic Services and port operators and establishing a basis for the digital management of evolving vessel traffic, as well as for implementing the information exchange interfaces between Vessel Traffic Service and shore-based pilotage for meeting the future needs of shore-based pilotage.

The eVäylä service contains the interfaces used to provide digital information services on the use of sea lanes and a situational picture of the fairway area. The confirmed situational pictures shared comprise verified and more accurate vessel position and movement factors, oncoming and intersecting traffic, time data, deviations related to the use of the fairway area and real-time data on conditions, as well as a situational picture of navigation aids. The main objective is to promote the quality, availability and timeliness of information used by various maritime transport operators.

In addition, eVäylä offers a low-threshold way of making the transition to new digital services to operators engaged in shore-based pilotage and the remote control of vessels.

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