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Tieliikennekeskus, jossa tieliikenneohjaaja valvomassa sujuvaa liikennettä monitoreilta.

Fintraffic Road - Safe and Fluid Traffic

Fintraffic Road is responsible for road traffic management in Finland. Fintraffic Road is dedicated to providing and developing services that ensure safe and fluid transportation. Concurrently Fintraffic Road invests in reforming and developing services that reflect future needs in a constantly changing operational environment.

With a staff of almost 90 professionals Fintraffic Road operates three traffic management centers , maintains and develops a versatile technology stack including ICT-environments, tunnel systems, road side technology, professional UI’s, API’s and road user apps.

Fintraffic Road has vast experience in the providing and developing traffic management and information services in urban and non-urban environments for a wide variety of professional and end user needs.

Fintraffic Road closely cooperates with private and public stakeholders such as The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, emergency services, police, road maintenance contractors, abundant service providers, municipalities and public transport operators.