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Development services (DEV)

Personal data processed

Whose personal data is processed by Air Navigation Services (who are the “data subjects”)?

  • Drone pilots, parties arranging outdoor laser shows and representatives of stakeholders who need Air Navigation Services’ documentation or communicate about airspace changes.

Personal data provided to Air Navigation Services by a representative of a data subject or a data subject’s organisation

  • Information required to make drone flight announcements, requests for dismantling of drone geofencing and outdoor laser show announcements: name, address, phone number, e-mail address, organisation and billing information. 
  • For drone flight announcements and requests for dismantling of drone geofencing, aircraft and flight information, such as the type and serial number of the aircraft and the date and place of the start of the flight.
  • Stakeholder representatives' e-mail addresses and, when stakeholder representatives need to be informed about changes, also telephone numbers.

Purpose of processing

Air Navigation Services processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • To process drone flight announcements. The statutory task of Air Navigation Services under section 11b of the Aviation Act and the regulations issued under it is to authorise the operation of drone flights into a UAS restriction zone of an airport.
  • To process geofencing dismantling requests. Pursuant to the Aviation Act and the regulations issued under it, one of the statutory tasks of Air Navigation Services is to issue geofencing dismantling certificates for geofences in the vicinity of airports. 
  • To process outdoor laser show notifications. Pursuant to section 159 of the Aviation Act, Air Navigation Services must process notifications of activities that may pose a hazard to air traffic or affects the flow of air traffic.

The basis for the processing of personal data in the situations above is the fulfilment of Air Navigation Services’ legal obligations. 

The purpose of the processing of stakeholder representatives’ personal data is to facilitate efficient communication with the stakeholders of Air Navigation Services’ development services and maintain the ability to notify the stakeholders of any changes. For this purpose, the ground for the processing of personal data is legitimate interest. The legitimate interest of both Air Navigation Services and the stakeholders of development services is to enable cooperation and communications associated with it.

Retention periods of personal data

Air Navigation Service retains personal data related to drone flight announcements, geofencing dismantling requests and outdoors laser show announcements for a period of 6 months from the date the information was received.  

The personal data of stakeholders’ representatives are retained for as long as necessary for the purposes of data processing.

Invoicing data is stored for the period required by accounting legislation.