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Traffic management

Fintraffic's road traffic centres are responsible for the operative traffic management of the open sections and tunnels of highways and parts of urban networks 24/7, every day of the year. Our services include an up-to-date road traffic snapshot, traffic monitoring, traffic announcements and incident management.

Up-to-date traffic snapshot

The snapshot is kept up to date around the clock with traffic and road condition cameras, road weather stations, TMS points, radar images, incident detection systems, Road User’s phone line and announcements made by officials and our partners.

The real-time snapshot is transferred to the centres from nearly 900 road condition cameras, 430 road weather stations and 500 automated traffic control points throughout Finland. The information provided by these is used by the centres to operate the changing speed limit signs, information, lane and substitute road signs and traffic lights on highways, urban networks and tunnels, for example.

Information nerve centre

The management of exceptional situations and incidents is one of the core tasks of a road traffic centre. Road traffic centres act as a nationwide nerve centre of traffic information. Every year, we make nearly 14,000 traffic announcements regarding exceptional situations. We also send more than 100,000 contractor messages every year. In addition to the provision of traffic and snapshot information, we answer to more than 160,000 calls from customers, stakeholders and officials every year.

Smart traffic management

Fintraffic's Road Traffic Management is developing its activities in order to become the key traffic controller in both highways and urban networks. The activities of road traffic centres are based on constantly updating the traffic snapshot. The critical aspect of traffic flow and safety is that the chain of traffic systems works seamlessly from the devices along the roads via background systems and data communications to user interfaces.

The road traffic centres act as nerve centres of traffic throughout Finland. Our services include:

  • snapshot management
  • road traffic information provision
  • operative cooperation in urban areas
  • incident management in cooperation with officials
  • forwarding the urgent messages from the Road User’s phone line
  • road maintenance support functions and contractor cooperation
  • tunnel traffic management
  • open section traffic control
  • traffic light operation

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