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Operating Centre Functions

Finlogic Oy has 24/7, nationwide responsibility for monitoring and operating the entire electric track system in Finland and for processing faults.

The 24/7 operating centre service is produced in operating centres, which can be found in four localities: Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere and Kouvola. At present, there are 24 operators working on duty in the operating centres. Their tasks include switching changes in the electric track system, monitoring of the use of energy and recording faults. In addition, they provide assistance in issues related to the electrical safety of electric railways and the use of electrical equipment.

The operating centres also maintain error reporting services around the clock, initiating repair activities where necessary. The operating centre activities require continuous and smooth collaboration with traffic control, traffic planning, contractors, rescue authorities and network operators.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency purchases the operating centre services from Finlogic Ltd, a subsidiary of Finrail Ltd.