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To whom does Air Navigation Services disclose personal data?

For certain services, Air Navigation Services regularly discloses specific personal data to the European Organisation for Safety of Air Navigation EUROCONTROL (Airspace management service, Avia College training services and the Flight planning centre) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) (Flight planning centre). Data disclosures are based on the rights of access granted to Eurocontrol and ICAO in international treaties and elsewhere in legislation. 
The airspace management service regularly discloses personal data to the Finnish Defence Forces. Avia College's training services disclose personal data to Finavia and Finnair to ensure the security and safety of air traffic. Air Navigation Services also discloses invoicing information to its group member companies. 

Personal data may also be disclosed to other authorities, such as the police and transport authorities on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the provisions governing the recipients’ right to access personal data. Personal data may also be disclosed on a case-by-case basis to courts of law and aeronautical operators within the obligations and restrictions laid down in the legislation in force at the time. 

Air Navigation Services also discloses personal data to its own service providers in situations where the provision of services referred to in this Privacy Policy reasonably requires the service provider to have access to the data. The service providers are suppliers of information systems and telecommunications operators. Air Navigation Services selects its service providers carefully and has taken contractual and organisational measures to ensure that the service providers who process personal data on behalf of Air Navigation Services do so in accordance with data protection legislation and instructions given by Air Navigation Services.

The data collected by Avia College's training services is also disclosed to the Finnish National Agency for Education which maintains and stores personal data in its KOSKI database. The privacy statement of the KOSKI database is here.