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Fintraffic Railway in brief

Fintraffic Railway Ltd. offers railway traffic control and management services. The core of the services is in railway traffic control, traffic planning and capacity management to coordinate railway work and traffic, operation centre operations and passenger information services related to railway travel.

We are responsible for the safe and smooth travel of more than 500,000 trains and 82 million rail passengers on an annual basis. We employ approximately 460 people in 9 municipalities. Furthermore, we also l provide expert and training services to all operators in the railway sector, among others.

Our operations are guided by safety, responsibility, customer orientation and strong competence.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency purchases traffic control, passenger information and traffic planning services from Fintraffic Railway Ltd. The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency also purchases the operating centre services for the electric track. 


Executive Board and Board of Directors

Executive Board:

  • Pia Julin, CEO
  • Sanna Järvenpää, Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Mikko Natunen, Director, Railway Traffic Management Systems
  • Heidi Saarinen, Director, Transport System, Capacity Management and Passenger Information
  • Timo Nieminen, Director, Business Development 
  • Ville Tervola, CFO
  • Jari Pylvänäinen, Project Officer, Digirail
  • Marjo Brotherus, Director, Strategy 
  • Johanna Majamäki, Corporate Communications Manager
  • Katri Ruismäki, HR Manager

Board of Directors:

  • Chairman:  Pertti Korhonen
  • Members: Marjo Mustonen, Olli Nastamo, Hanna Hovi & Rami Metsäpelto