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Border crossing points

We ensure safe and smooth traffic at border crossing points. We are responsible for the planning, implementation and maintenance of traffic management systems at border crossing points throughout the systems’ life cycles. Our aim is to secure the flow of passenger traffic and freight in cooperation with the operators of the systems.

From planning to practice

We take care of the implementation planning of border crossing point traffic management systems and the preparation of the preliminary surveys, service level compliance assessment and general plans prior to the implementation planning. We are also responsible for the implementation planning of centralised information systems and data security, including the preliminary surveys and general plans.

Our operations are based on technical planning and implementation solutions that are as cost-efficient as possible with regard to their life-cycle costs and that the safety and usability requirements specified in provisions are fulfilled without exception. We always comply with EU directives and regulations (including the ITS directive 2010/40/EU, regulation 886/2013, directives concerning cross-border traffic), Finnish law and other official regulations, guidelines and operating models.

In addition to traffic management system planning, we are also responsible for the duties related to the implementation and deployment of systems on a project-specific basis. We are responsible for tendering traffic management contracts and device procurement, development and construction supervision, various inspections and tests, fault modelling, maintenance programmes, training, final documentation, etc.

Continuous maintenance 24/7

Our maintenance services are responsible for the maintenance and development required by the life cycle management of traffic management systems and the related devices. The service includes, for example, monitoring the technical functionality of systems and devices, maintenance on-call service, inspections and maintenance duties specified in the maintenance programme, life cycle development and the assessment of the needs to invest in the repairs of devices.

Expert roles

We provide comprehensive expert services concerning all technical solutions and functionalities for cross-border traffic management systems.

Examples of areas where our expert services are used:

  • preparation of surveys concerning cross-border traffic and similar policies
  • general participation in cooperation groups, for example, ideas for developing border crossing points prior to the service level surveys and general planning
  • research and development
  • international cooperation

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