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Lautta Helsingin edustalla. Kuvituskuva.

Good news for travelling in the archipelago – you can now see the location of ferries in real time

Published on 14.3.2023

Fintraffic is continually developing its services to enable smooth journeys and provide a real-time situational picture of traffic. The usability of ferry traffic data in national services was improved at the turn of the year. It is now easier to avoid unnecessary waiting time, as you can see when a ferry will dock. This new information about ferries rounds out the comprehensive real-time situational picture of Finnish traffic provided by Fintraffic.  

The timetables for road ferries and other ferry traffic are now handily available in Fintraffic’s Traffic Situation service and the National Route Planner.

You can use the Traffic Situation service to view quay-specific timetables and information about disruptions in ferry traffic. You can also see the location of ferries on the map in real time. The National Route Planner allows you to search for public transport routes to places such as Houtskär or Korpo.  

“Our real-time situational picture of traffic is progressing nicely, piece by piece. A big thank you goes to ferry operators for their cooperation in making more timetable data available. This is an important step in providing both companies and households with the most comprehensive information possible about the transport system. We’re continually working with our partners to add new elements to the situational picture. This information can be harnessed in everyday mobility, companies’ own services and application development projects,” says Jaakko Rintamäki, Development Manager at Fintraffic.  

For operators:  

Maritime and inland waterway operators must publish their travel information in the service. If operators are also willing to publish their data in route planners, they can contact us at Fintraffic by sending an email to  


What national route planner? 

Fintraffic collates all public transport routes and timetables in a national route planner at It includes both long-distance and commuter services and timetables, and provides information about buses, trams, the metro, trains, ferries and air connections. All you have to do is enter your starting point and destination, and the service will determine the services and departures that will get to your destination as smoothly as possible. 


Fintraffic provides a traffic situation service to consumers, companies and the media, as well as open-source data for transport operators, logistics service operators, and app developers to develop a variety of map services and navigators.  

Read more about our services:  

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