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Visual look competition: Would you like to see your own illustration on the displays at railway stations?

Published on 19.4.2023

Last edited on 21.4.2023

Railway stations are thoroughfares and meeting places. Every year, millions of train passengers pass through stations and passenger halls. Would you like to see your illustration on Fintraffic’s information displays at Finland’s largest railway stations?

Are you a student in the field or an aspiring designer? Or are you otherwise dreaming of the field? This competition is for you! Create your own design for Fintraffic’s Train Departures or Traffic Situation service for train traffic passengers! See the competition rules and entry instructions below.

We are now looking for a fresh visual/graphic look for Fintraffic’s passenger information displays located at Finland’s largest railway stations. The illustration should depict Fintraffic’s digital services: either the Traffic Situation or the Train Departures service. It should, in an appealing, impactful and distinctive way, direct passengers to start using these services that make their lives easier. In addition, it should reflect the identity of Fintraffic. Playfulness in good taste is allowed – even desirable. 

We want to encourage and support students, those intending to enter the field and aspiring designers, which is why we have targeted this competition specifically at this group.

Fintraffic’s jury will select the winner. In addition to the artwork itself, we are happy to give visibility to the designer. We will agree with the winner separately for any purposes of use other than those listed below.


  • 1st prize: EUR 350 and visibility on all info displays and social media channels (6 - 8/2023). In addition, we will publish a separate media release on the matter.
  • 2nd prize: EUR 200 and visibility on social media channels (6 - 8/2023)
  • 3rd prize: EUR 100 and visibility on social media channels (6 - 8/2023)


You can enter the competition with one artwork. There are no restrictions on technique or style, as long as the file format is correct and possible rights to, for example, photographs are taken into account. More information about Fintraffic’s graphic identity can be found in the Brand Book. 

The size of the artwork should be 1920x1080 and the format either PNG or JPG (compressed). Maximum file size is 15 Mb.

Please submit your illustration by 21 May 2023 to Include in the message your name, contact details and a brief written description of your artwork, i.e. the story behind your illustration. As the subject line, write: Fintraffic illustration competition

Fintraffic’s Train Departures timetable service

When will your train arrive at the station? And what was the time of departure of your train? In Fintraffic’s Train Departures service, you can check the real-time timetable information of your train with just one click! The service will either show you the times of departure or arrival for trains at the station of your choice or find for you the timetable information of a specific train, intermediate stops included. The timetables in the Train Departures service are updated directly based on Fintraffic’s real-time rail traffic data.

Fintraffic’s Train Departures service can be found at

Did you know? In addition to Fintraffic’s Train Departures service, you can hear our train timetable information in the “train departs from the platform” announcements at the stations, and you can also see the information directly on the platform displays. We work to ensure that the real-time timetable information of trains reaches passengers, making their journeys as smooth as possible.

Fintraffic’s Traffic Situation service

About to jump on a train? In the map view in Fintraffic’s Traffic Situation service, you can easily check the trains arriving at your station from the comfort of your home – as real-time timetable information, of course. In the same service, you can also find topical highlights from road weather information to traffic volumes and road maintenance for drivers, for instance. The Traffic Situation service gathers data concerning different modes of transport in one place to ensure that traffic information is communicated openly and in real time to all passengers.

You can access Fintraffic’s Traffic Situation service at



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