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Vuosikertomuksen kansikuva

Annual Report 2022

We provide and develop traffic control and management services for all modes of transport. We help people and goods to arrive safely, smoothly and with respect for the environment. Intelligent traffic control services, digital services for businesses and consumers, and up-to-date traffic data will help Finland become a pioneer in sustainable transport and logistics.

Annual report 2022

Strategy, key events of 2022, and a review of responsibility and sustainability.

Annual report cover

Governance and Remuneration Report 2022

Information about the company’s governance and steering system, and the remuneration paid to the CEO and members of the Board of Directors.

Governance cover

Report of the Board of Directors and Financial Statements 2022

A description of the company’s operations in 2022 and a summary of its financial results and financial position.

Financial Statement cover