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Over 14 million daily interface calls in the Digitraffic service: More and more Finns use real-time traffic data to move around more easily

Published on 2.1.2020

Finns are utilising real-time traffic data more and more actively to support their traffic needs as shown by the increased use of traffic control group Traffic Management Finland’s Digitraffic traffic data marketplace. In 2019, Digitraffic received as many as 14 million daily interface calls.

The open data provided by Digitraffic is utilised extensively in, for instance, road traffic navigation systems and services as well as mobile consumer applications. Traffic Management Finland’s aim is to help traffic sector operators create novel services by providing open data about traffic for developers. Data is created in, among other things, traffic control systems, traffic measurement systems and weather and road condition monitoring systems. 

“Use of data in our Digitraffic service increased significantly last year. This indicates the strong demand for traffic data. Companies operating in the traffic market are developing their business rapidly, including services directed to consumers, where data plays a central role. We want to invite everyone to utilise and enrich data and create the safest, smoothest and most environmentally friendly traffic through intelligent services,” says Janne Lautanala, Chief Ecosystem and Technology Officer, Traffic Management Finland.

Real-time data to make traffic run smoother

Digitraffic provides real-time traffic data about road, railway and maritime traffic in Finland. Traffic sign data was the most recent addition to the service, currently covering the real-time display information of 210 changing speed limit or warning signs. The data content will be expanded to cover a larger geographical area and new traffic sign types in the future.

The development of services based on data allows the combination of different modes of transport into smooth transport and travel chains.

Last autumn, Traffic Management Finland published the Traffic Situation application directed to consumers, utilising Digitraffic data to provide information about, for instance, current roadworks, traffic incidents, weight limits and winter maintenance. The service also includes the images from hundreds of road conditions cameras around Finland as well as information about ice roads, driving conditions and warnings for seafarers. The application also includes station-specific schedule and punctuality data of passenger trains. Furthermore, the service can be used for giving feedback on the condition of traffic routes and filing notices of the traffic flow.

According to its strategy, Traffic Management Finland’s goal is to create the world’s safest and smoothest and lowest emissions traffic in Finland together with its partners.

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