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Help to avoid traffic jams: Fintraffic Road will be utilising Waze’s real-time congestion alerts and estimated driving times on Ring Road III

Published on 29.3.2023

As of autumn 2023, Fintraffic Road will be utilising Waze’s data in traffic information displays to streamline traffic flow on Ring Road III. Fintraffic is involved in the “Waze for cities” programme, in which partners can utilise traffic data collected by Waze and also share their own data with Waze.

Information about congestion and deviations in driving times will first be introduced for traffic information displays on Ring Road III between Highway 1 Turunväylä and Highway 7 Porvoonväylä.

“In order to streamline traffic flow, starting this autumn we’ll be using Waze’s real-time traffic data to inform motorists about driving times and congestion on Ring Road III. Traffic information displays on this section of Ring Road III will alert motorists to any expected delays or upcoming congestion. With Waze’s help, we can provide real-time traffic data to drivers on Ring Road III,” says Jarkko Johansson, Service Manager at Fintraffic.

In return, Waze will utilise the traffic alerts provided by Fintraffic through the Digitraffic open data sharing service for application developers.  Waze is the world’s largest communal traffic and navigation app that reports traffic issues in real time.

“Waze immediately informs road users about all types of congestion, such as construction sites and accidents. It’s great to be able to offer an even-more comprehensive service and up-to-date traffic alerts in the Waze app. There are already tens of thousands of Waze users in Finland, and no less than 140 million users worldwide. The mobile app is rapidly growing in popularity,” says Waze’s community in Finland.

Waze’s most important features are a Finnish-language user interface and audio directions, information about speed limits, real-time traffic reports, a versatile search function, and regular free map updates that are automatically downloaded. Waze is available in mobile app stores for both iPhones and Android smartphones.

Fintraffic's goal is an even more comprehensive data base for traffic and logistics users. For this, we need close cooperation with the various parties in the traffic. That's why we build a traffic data ecosystem and develop platform services.


Further information:

Jarkko Johansson, Service Manager (control system and open-road services), Fintraffic, jarkko.johansson(at), tel. +358 (0)50 466 8621
Mika Ahvenainen, Development Manager (Waze integration), Fintraffic, mika.ahvenainen(at), tel. +358 (0)40 720 4393
Waze Finland’s Country Managers Mika Latvala, Mika Saarinen and Kari Halinen, wazefinland(at)