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Fintraffic’s year 2021: traffic management and information play a major role in preventing accidents and reducing emissions

Published on 28.3.2022

Last edited on 5.4.2022

Traffic management services and information substantially improved traffic safety, shortened travel times and reduced emissions in 2021.

In road traffic alone, Fintraffic’s traffic management services yielded savings of about 16,000 hours in travel time and prevented around 200 personal injuries. Maritime traffic management prevented nine vessels from running aground and a total of 20 dangerous incidents. Almost 1,000 flight hours were saved in air traffic compared with the rest of Europe thanks to more efficient airspace. Higher efficiency in road and air traffic thanks to management services reduced emissions by an amount equivalent to the emissions produced by about 10,000 passenger cars.

The information has been published in Fintraffic’s Annual Report 2021 at

Traffic management yields benefits to the traffic system and society by, for instance, providing real-time situational pictures, contributing to the optimisation of routes and speeds, preventing congestion, and speeding up transfers between vehicles in passenger and goods transport chains, and offering open data to support the development of the services of different actors.

Towards safer, smoother and lower-emission traffic

“About 13 per cent of GDP is spent on traffic and logistics – and traffic generates around a fifth of Finland’s emissions. Traffic management services and our open traffic information play a major role in how efficiently the traffic system as a whole functions. We’re pleased that we can share even more detailed information about the benefits that our services provide to society,” says Pertti Korhonen, CEO of Fintraffic.

According to Korhonen, harnessing digitalisation offers a whole new way of making the movement of both goods and people even smoother and more efficient. In 2021, Fintraffic established a working group on the traffic data ecosystem that includes over 130 partners in cooperation, such as traffic and logistics operators, cities, municipalities and IT companies. The aim is to build a Finnish traffic data ecosystem that promotes collaboration in the sector to develop even better and more seamless traffic services for passengers and goods, and create new export opportunities for solutions offered by Finnish companies.

In its 2021 Annual Report, Fintraffic reports on its key sustainability figures in even more detail: for instance, for the first time, the company is disclosing the indirect emissions of its procurements as well as the threats and opportunities of climate change in its business operations. In addition, impact reporting on the company’s services has been deepened.

Events in 2021:

  • Demand for the open data produced by Fintraffic rose by 30% and 386 TB of data was transferred in open interfaces.
  • More than 14,000 drone operators registered in the drone registry established at the beginning of the year.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people use the renewed passenger information services for train travel every day. The situation coordinator service started offering around-the-clock expert assistance with rail traffic incidents to the authorities and other stakeholders. The Digirail project progressed.
  • Almost all ports in Finland have started using the port app for smoother logistics – the use of the app has also expanded to Sweden.
  • Fintraffic’s sustainability efforts progressed as planned and the company confirmed that its objective is to be carbon-neutral in its operations in 2023.
  • The partial lifting of pandemic restrictions was particularly evident in the growth in passenger car traffic. The pandemic dramatically reduced the volume of air traffic in 2021: the number of flights in Finnish airspace was around 57 per cent lower than before the pandemic in 2019.

The Fintraffic Group’s revenue in 2021 amounted to EUR 209.7 (182.4) million and the result before taxes to EUR 6.1 (-8.0) million. The comparable financial result was better than budgeted, and operational efficiency was boosted by around EUR 10 million during the year. This was the company’s third year in business since the establishment of the Group and the first in which it operated under a common name, Fintraffic. In 2021, Fintraffic employed an average of 1,126 (1,125) professionals in 29 locations in Finland.

For more information on Fintraffic in 2021, see the Annual Report:

Fintraffic’s bulletin on the 2021 financial statements: Traffic Management Company Fintraffic Ltd’s Financial Statement Bulletin 2021 | Fintraffic