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ryhmäkuva UFA osallistujat

Fintraffic ANS co-hosted UFA User Group Meeting this year

Published on 26.9.2022

UFA User Group meeting was held in mid-September in Helsinki. Participants were the users of UFA air traffic control simulators as well as product developers.

The three-day seminar and product demonstrations were intended for technical developers and for the staff of educational air traffic service institutions. Fintraffic ANS was co-hosting the event and responsible for the arrangements in Finland. Meeting events and demonstrations were organized at the Radisson Blu Seaside in Helsinki city centre. Closing dinner was served at the Villa Haikko Manor in Porvoo, where the group also visited an art exhibition.

"This event is organized annually. The goal is to tell about the new features of the simulators and at the same time listen open feedback from users. We also had a great opportunity to talk about Fintraffic company, and the unique work we are doing to digitalize services for different traffic modes in Finland," says Matts-Anders Nyberg, SVP, Fintraffic ANS.

Matts-Anders Nyberg briefed the international group of almost a hundred participants about Fintraffic as a company and its digitalization projects. Project Manager Kimmo Lehtimäki talked about the air navigation situational awareness application and the digitalization project which are under way. The speeches aroused interest and a lively debate.

The three-day event culminated in a visit to the premises of Avia College.

Almost a hundred participants took part in the meeting: from Finland, Germany, USA, Belgium, Austria, Canada, France, Estonia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands and Israel.

Watch the interviews with SVP Matts-Anders Nyberg, Fintraffic, CTO Ivan Rasin and ATC Specialist Mai Aharfi, both from UFA.