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Alternative route for Vuosaari road tunnel improved, safety ensured

The alternative route for Vuosaari road tunnel on the section Itäväylä–Kallvikintie–Niinisaarentie–Vuosaari Harbour will be improved during autumn 2024 and spring 2025. The route’s efficiency and safety will be improved, especially at junctions and pedestrian crossings, so that the route will remain functional even as the traffic volume increases. 

The largest measures are the construction of additional lanes at the Itäväylä and Kallvikintie junctions and the Niinisarentie and Kallvikintie roundabouts. Improvements will also be made at the Niinisarentie and Porslahdentie junction and the Niinisarentie and Satamakaari junction, so that they will serve special transports better in the future. Other smaller improvements have also been planned along the route, for example for traffic control. 

Measurements carried out in March 

Measurements and ground surveys included in the planning of the alternative route will be carried out during weeks 11–13 (11 March–31 March). The ground surveys may cause short-term traffic disruptions. The aim is to schedule measurements and ground surveys along the route at the quietest hours in traffic.

Alternative route to be improved before Vuosaari road tunnel repairs

The improvement of the alternative route is part of the renovation project on the technical systems of the Vuosaari road tunnel, which is planned to start in 2025. The work requires a longer-term closure of the tunnel, during which the alternative route serves as the primary detour for the tunnel. 

The ‘Renewal of the Technical Systems of the Vuosaari Tunnel’ project will update all the safety systems and other tunnel technology of the road tunnel leading to Vuosaari Harbour. Other work will also be carried out at the same time, such as repairs to the tunnel structures. The project also includes alteration work on the alternative route.

The City of Helsinki and the ELY Centre will be responsible for planning the alternative route. Fintraffic will be responsible for the tunnel project and for carrying out construction work on the alternative route.

Press release 22 November 2023: Vuosaari road tunnel security systems nearing end of their life cycle: repairs to start in 2025