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Digitaalista verkostoa

Digitraffic has the largest coverage of open traffic data in Finland

We offer information that is applied both in traffic control and in practice to be used as open data by traffic operators on a large scale. The service data currently covers information about road, rail and water traffic. Most of the data comes from the data collection systems operated by Fintraffic.

Check out all of our interfaces:

Data sources by mode of transport:

All information shared through the Digitraffic service is machine-readable open data. The service is available with a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution licence, which includes the right to develop new services and software.

Fintraffic's open interfaces give you access to, for example, the following information:

  • traffic weather data and forecasts
  • traffic conditions
  • traffic volume measurement data
  • fluency and travel time information
  • disruptions and exceptional circumstances
  • information on variable speed limits and other variable traffic rules
  • information on the location of means of transport, if available
  • public information provided by public authorities
  • fluency and travel time history
  • traffic and measurement data history
  • condition data history
  • other statistical data

Study Fintraffic's open data and interface applications

A large number of applications based on Fintraffic’s data have already been developed. Get inspired for your own development work from the Digitraffic list.

Submit your application to the Digitraffic service

Submit your application to the Digitraffic service for more visibility and users.

How to submit your application:

Submit your application here.

Study the instructions – how to use interfaces

You can use the interfaces with different programming languages. You can find instructions to make your job easier here:

Networking and support from the developer community

Open developer communities provide support and feedback for developers. The communities are based on open Google chat groups. Fintraffic’s experts and application suppliers are part of the public discussion. Discussion groups are also used to provide information on the development of interfaces and downtime periods.

Join the chat groups

Events for application developers

Fintraffic regularly organises events for application developers to teach them more about how to take advantage of the data provided by Fintraffic. Learn more here: