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Drone ja dronelennättäjä

Are you about to pilot an aircraft or operate a drone?

Operating a drone always requires you to register as a drone operator and, in some cases, to take a theoretical knowledge examination. Registering as a drone operator and taking the drone operator's online test is easy via this site. You can also find on this website a set of instructions for flight preparations and plans.

Register as a drone operator

Operating unmanned aircrafts (drones) requires online registration and completing a theoretical knowledge examination online. You can register as a drone operator both as an individual or as an organisation. Registration is mandatory for both professional and amateur operators.

If you operate a 0.5–2 kg-drone in a densely populated area, you will need to take an additional theoretical knowledge examination. The exam can be taken in controlled settings organised by Avia College. This activity falls into the subcategory A2 of the open category, which means that you must have completed the A1/A3 online theoretical knowledge examination in addition to your own practical training and the supervised A2 additional theoretical knowledge examination successfully.

You can find more information about drone guidelines and regulations here (drone info).
Guidelines for flying drones near airports and in controlled airspace you will find here 

Flight preparation information and flight plan preparation

The website includes all information related to flight preparations and flight plans. On this site, you can also prepare and submit your own flight plan.

Aeronautical information services include the Finnish Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP Finland) and AIP supplements (AIP SUP), route announcements, the airspace use plan, operator weather service, AIC A announcements and the ANC 1:500,000 map.

  • Prepare and plan your flight well in advance here.