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ATC Services

Air Traffic Control Centre Finland (ATCC Finland)

ATCC Finland coordinates overflights in Finnish airspace and air route traffic between different airports. Located in Vantaa, ATCC Finland manages the entire Finland FIR (Flight Information Region), or EFIN, which consists of 13 airspace sectors.

ATCC Finland processes some 280 000 flights per year, of which approximately 53 000 are overflights. On average, it processes about 30 flights per hour and 740 flights per day.

Helsinki air traffic control unit

The Helsinki air traffic control unit is responsible for aerodrome control and air traffic control services for approaches at Helsinki Airport (EFHK CTR and TMA).

There are ca 170,000 operations per year at Helsinki Airport. The number of operations is approximately 550 per day on weekdays and 400 per day on weekends.

At network airports

Fintraffic ANS provides air traffic services (air traffic control or flight information services) depending on the airport’s operating volume and/or the nature of its operations.