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Fintraffic ANS annual results for 2020

Published on 16.6.2021

Last edited on 18.6.2021

Year was strongly coloured by the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on air traffic. Airports fell silent and the majority of flights were cancelled. In the spring, there were no less than 80–90 per cent fewer flights than in the corresponding period of the previous year, and 12 airports had no traffic at all.

In spite of the pandemic, punctuality targets were achieved for 2020. Operation had no delays, and not a single flight failed to depart for a reason relating to air navigation. The safety targets were also met. It was only in financial targets where it fell short, as a result of the collapse in air traffic volumes, which led to significant adjustment measures and a reduction in investments.

Year 2020 in numbers

Revenue MEUR 49,3
Operating profit MEUR -16,1
Employees 434 (31.12.2020)

In 2020, our area control centre provided services for about 110,450 flights, of which 24,649 were overflights of Finnish airspace. Helsinki Airport had 75,512 operations last year, with an average of 207 per day.

Fintraffic ANS annual report