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Hymyilevät naisen kasvot autossa

Apply Fintraffic's browser and mobile solutions in Christmas traffic

Published on 21.12.2022

Are you planning to sit behind the wheel or board a train this Christmas? With the Fintraffic traffic browser and mobile solutions, your journey will now be smoother than ever.

Plan your journey at home

It is a good idea to plan your journey in advance before you hit the road. Fintraffic's Traffic Situation service allows you to plan your route well in advance from your sofa. You can also view your route in advance in a map view, where you can choose from dozens of options, from road condition information to traffic volumes and road maintenance. In addition to road traffic information, the service includes information on the operation of trains and the arrivals and departures of airports.

New feature! This Christmas, we are piloting a new dashboard view. We are testing the feature between Helsinki and Lahti, one of the busiest sections of road traffic during Christmas. The aim is to provide drivers with an idea of the situation on especially congestion-prone sections in one view.

Up-to-date traffic information

Have you packed the car and are now wondering if the conditions are poor anywhere on your route? Download the Fintraffic Traffic Situation app for free to stay up to date on what is going on in traffic.

The app includes, for example, information about disruptions and congestion, road conditions and weather forecasts, road maintenance information, charging stations for electric cars and filling stations for gas-powered cars. In addition to road traffic information, the app provides station-specific railway traffic timetables and punctuality data of passenger trains.

You can download the Traffic Situation app for free from Google Play or the App Store to easily store up-to-date traffic in your pocket all the time.

Check the timetables of trains or use different modes of public transport

The Fintraffic Train Departures timetable service provides information on the departure and arrival times of trains at all passenger transport stations in Finland. The information is based on real-time train traffic information and the timetables are constantly updated. You can search for train traffic information by either station/city or train name.

You can also use more than one mode of public transport and find the best route for you: The national journey planner provides the timetables and routes of all modes of public transport. Just enter the place of your departure and destination and the service will provide you the timetables and services you need in order to get there. The service includes the schedules and services of both commuter and long-distance traffic. Buses, trams, metro, trains, ferry and flight connections can be found in the service.

Safety and smoothly flowing Christmas traffic is ensured together. Fintraffic wishes you a safe journey!