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Annual report 2021 is published – it was necessary to adjust the operations but goal-oriented work to develop the sector continued

Published on 23.5.2022

2021 was marked by the adjustment of our operations to the reduction in air traffic, which is undergoing the biggest crisis in its history as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

In terms of the year as a whole, the number of flights in Finnish airspace was about 57 per cent less than in 2019. Although we made the planned adjustments, we still made a financial loss.

We achieved the performance and safety targets set by our regulator, and also our capacity maintenance and environmental efficiency targets.

Air traffic volumes began to pick up in August as coronavirus vaccination coverage increased, but pre-pandemic levels were not reached in Finland as a whole at any time. Recovery in traffic volumes was significantly slower in Finland – up to a fifth slower – than elsewhere in Europe.

There was an upswing in charter flights to Northern Finland at the turn of the year. Similar increases – of up to 10 per cent – have not been seen at airports in Northern Finland since 2018.

More info availabe at Fintraffic ANS annual report 2021