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Kädet rakentamassa palikoista

Join us in developing the traffic system of the future with industry experts

The construction of the data ecosystem is part of the task defined in Fintraffic's ownership strategy to create new platform solutions that share and use traffic data more extensively and to promote new data-based service business and value creation.

The purpose of the ecosystem is to promote the digitalisation of transport and, consequently, boost the development of new services.

The traffic system of the future requires cooperation across the whole sector in order to become a reality

The traffic data ecosystem working groups were launched at the beginning of 2021. New operators will be able to participate flexibly in the development work along the way. There are already more than one hundred organisations involved in the development of the ecosystem.

There are several reasons for participation. The working groups, for example:

  • develop new approaches for the traffic sector,​​
  • improve efficiency by sharing and utilising information,​​
  • save costs through co-creation, and​​
  • reduce environmentally harmful emissions caused by traffic.​

Learn more about the traffic data ecosystem operators and join the working group