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Fintraffic Road offers an array of services on E8 - Muonio.

1. Positioning Service

The Aurora positioning service is provided by the National Land Survey of Finland. The positioning service covers the Aurora intelligent road as well as the extended intelligent corridor from Kolari to Kilpisjärvi on the main road E8. Positioning service utilises Finnref correction stations and network RTK methods to solve the distance-dependent errors caused by the user distance to the reference stations. RTK methods differ in where the corrections to the observations are applied (in the user receiver or in the processing center) and how the location of the individualized virtual reference station is given.

The Aurora Positioning Service is available free of charge for test and piloting purposes of intelligent transport systems, automated and connected vehicles as well as intelligent infrastructure asset management. The accuracy of the positioning service is down even to 1 - 5 cm.

2. Support Staff

Assistance with support staff (electrician, traffic management and traffic management’s support).