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Tunneli ja tyhjä ajokaista opasteineen.

Roadside Technology – Roads and tunnels

Fintraffic Road's experts are responsible for and participate in the planning, implementation and maintenance of traffic management and heating, plumbing, ventilation and electrical installation systems for roads and tunnel sites.

On roads, the systems include changing speed limit and information signs, traffic lights and traffic monitors, among other things.

In addition to the above, a wider range of traffic management equipment is in use in tunnel locations, including automatic incident detection systems. For the safety and quality of traffic flow in tunnel locations, a key focus area is also a functioning heating, plumbing, ventilation and electrical installation technology, including ventilation and smoke extraction systems, as well as lighting systems that adapt to the conditions.

It is essential for the overall functionality that the chain of systems operates seamlessly from the devices in the terrain through the background systems and telecommunication links to the user interface. The systems must also meet various requirements defined by the authorities.