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Talvinen tunneli ja siihen johtavat ajoväylät.

Road weather services

Fintraffic Road provides continuously updated information on the weather and road conditions and their development for the needs of road maintenance and traffic management.

This information improves the targeting of winter maintenance measures and enables more efficient traffic communications and control according to the changing weather conditions. The service covers the entire territory of Finland.

Fintraffic Road is responsible for the entire production chain of road weather data, which includes an extensive measuring and monitoring equipment network, data collection and processing software as well as a user application for contractors.

The main utilisers of the data are road maintenance, ELY Centres, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and other road maintenance operators (e.g. cities).

Fintraffic Road also provides a wide range of road condition information as open-source data for various actors through the Digitraffic service at