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Intelligent road as a service platform

Intelligent road enables intelligent transport tests by providing physical infrastructure and digital services for test and trial purposes. Data generated by the instrumentation on the road is open for test and trial use.


Road structure and vehicle weight monitoring

Road structure and vehicle weight monitoring supports predictive road asset management.


Vibration of the road

Slippery road conditions and changes in road structures are researched by following vibration of the road in different situations.


Intelligent road-side landmarks

Intelligent road-side landmarks act as beacons for automated vehicles in snowy and icy conditions.


Laser scanners

Laser scanners scan the road surface and enable recognising the effects of vehicles as well as connected and automated vehicles to the whole road surface area.


HD map

HD map provides automated vehicles with highly accurate information about the road, its characteristics and surroundings in virtual form. HD map may be used to plan testing routes and to support positioning of the vehicles.