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Road traffic Services

At Fintraffic’s Road Traffic Management, we ensure safe and smooth traffic flow on the roads 24/7/365. Find out what happens at Fintraffic’s Road Traffic Centre or how we use changing electronic speed limits and variable information signs to ensure safe traffic. Also, go through the tunnel etiquette and use the information provided by hundreds of road weather stations and road condition devices when planning your own route. Find out about all the places where you may encounter us.

Are you a transport sector operator or want to collaborate with us? Check out our professional services here.

Road traffic management

Our road traffic centres serve as nerve centres of road traffic. We ensure that traffic on Finnish roads flows safely and smoothly 24/7/365.
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We are responsible for tunnel safety and traffic management technology and ensure smooth and safe flow of traffic in tunnels in all conditions. Do you know your tunnel etiquette?
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Road weather

What kind of weather and road conditions will you have on your journey? We have hundreds of devices continuously observing the weather and road conditions to produce up-to-date information on the road network conditions and how they develop.
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Traffic lights

We take care of traffic lights throughout the Finnish road network. Did you know that traffic lights do not change only based on a vehicle identification system, but they also take account of, for example, rush-hour peaks in commuting traffic?
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Open-road sections

We are responsible for the changing electronic information signs and speed limit signs on the roadside. Find out how the signs improve the flow of traffic and, for example, prevent unnecessary accordion effect in rush-hour traffic.
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Traffic measurement

We conduct thousands of traffic measurements at the national level every year. Our service functions as a basis for traffic planning, which needs data for the construction and maintenance of the road network and for research and development of traffic flows.
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Automatic traffic surveillance and border crossing points

Traffic surveillance needs reliable technology to function. We provide the technical conditions for automatic traffic surveillance carried out by the police. We are also responsible for the traffic management systems at border crossing points. There, our aim is to secure the flow of passenger and freight traffic in cooperation with the border authorities.
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