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Arctic Challenge

Arctic Challenge is an R&D action focusing on road vehicle automation and intelligent infrastructure solutions as well as their performance and impacts in artic, i.e. snowy and icy conditions. The action is funded by the Finnish Transport Agency and Trafi, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency. Arctic Challenge forms part of the Aurora, the arctic intelligent transport test ecosystem on E8 where the pilots and studies will be carried out. Through Arctic Challenge, Finnish Transport Agency and Trafi expect to gain insights into the following key themes and their research questions:

Posts and poles for guidance and positioning

What landmarks, such as delineators and reflective posts, or snow poles and plot access marks, support automated driving? Where should these be located? What should they be like?

Hybrid communication

How could the C-ITS Day 1 hybrid services improving traffic flow and safety be implemented on Highway E8 Aurora Borealis Corridor between Kolari, Finland and Tromsø, Norway, and what is their technical performance?  What Day 1 services should be implemented in the Aurora Borealis Corridor?

Hybrid communication and communications infrastructure

How does the remote control and monitoring of vehicles work in 4G and in the first stage of the 5G network in good/poor weather and road conditions? What minimum requirements should the communications network meet to enable remote control of automated vehicles?

Positioning of vehicle

In what way and how accurately could a vehicle be positioned to fulfil the needs of automated driving at northern latitudes where no edge markings or roads can be recognised?  How can different methods be applied to special locations and situations, such as blind spots or glare?


See also Aurora Summit 2018.